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Company Profile
     Hebei Haihong Pharmaceuticals Import & Export Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, with a registered capital of 8 million Yuan. The company wholesales Chinese patent medicines, chemical medicine preparations, antibiotic preparations, biochemical medicines, self-management and agency all kinds of goods and technologies import and export business. Sales network is spread across the country and has an impact in Chinese pharmaceutical market.
     The company is located in 9th Yuhua West Road, the financial business district of Shijiazhuang, Hebei province. Office space is the company's own property, with an area of 703 square meters. Office environment is neat and bright, fresh and refined. The company has established five departments, offices, import and export department, quality management department, logistics department and finance department. Quality management department is divided into the first department and the second department, responsible for the overall quality management, sales tracking and after-sales service related quality work. The responsibilities, powers and interrelationships of each department and personnel are clear and unambiguous.
    The company attaches great importance to talents, and focuses on cultivating and improving the quality and ability of employees. The company has 30 employees, of which there are 6 licensed pharmacists, who are in charge of the quality manager, the quality management manager, the inspection clerk, the maintenance officer, the buyer and so on. 14 people are majoring in medicine and pharmacy, the 18 have professional technical titles. The company takes care of the employees, and delivers the company's warmth with action. The purpose is to make the employee relationship harmonious, so that the employee team can unite and move forward, the enterprise development potential is strong.
    In 2003, 2008, and 2014, the company one-time passed the GSP certification site, which was organized by the national pharmaceutical administration department, to obtain the GSP certificate. For maintaining medical market healthy development and ensuring public medication safety, the company actively for drug safety first responsibility, establishes and improves the quality management system, which complies with the national laws and regulations, the requirements of GSP and the needs of company management. In drug procurement, receipt and acceptance, storage and maintenance, sales, ex-warehouse, transportation and distribution management, after-sales management and other sectors, the company takes effective quality control measures, and establishes the drug traceability system to achieve the traceability of drugs.
     The company has set up a complete quality management system, and reviews it regularly to amend and improve in time following the national policy adjustment. The company has established a computer system. The system has a secure and stable network environment, windows server and terminal (windows server using two hot standby mode). In the system, there are quality control nodes to ensure all aspects of business operations in an orderly manner, while ensuring the system data in the original, true, accurate, safe and traceable, so that the computer system in line with the entire process of enterprise management and quality control requirements. The drug warehouse covering 2050 square meters,was conducted a comprehensive renovation according to the GSP file requirements, and equipped with the imported refrigeration equipment, intelligent temperature and humidity monitoring system and other equipments. In the warehouse, we can effectively monitor the temperature and humidity, automatically control of the temperature, so that the temperature is steady in 24 hours and the quality of drugs is fully ensured.
    Over the years, we take the professional line to build our own brand by the good faith, occupy market opportunities by quality, win industry opportunities by service, gain development by management. With the strong support of the society, the company has achieved sustained and healthy development. We comply with the requirements of the GSP, keep honest and trustworthy, operate and pay tax in accordance with the law, and increase the economic and social benefits steadily. In 2010, 2011 and 2012, we were rated as the advanced taxpaying unit, and in 2014 we were named as the "tax credit A-level enterprise" of Hebei provincial tax. From 2007 to 2016, we were rated as AAA grade of business credit.
    As a company with high social responsibility, we not only provide the public with excellent quality and effective medicines, but also actively support social good causes. In the event of the Indonesian tsunami, Wenchuan earthquake and Yushu earthquake, we enthusiastically donated to the disaster area, and actively rewarded the society.
    The company will continue adhering to the quality policy of "ensuring the quality of medicines, achieving good faith to the people, providing quality service, contributing to social health", striving to improve the quality of the people's healthy life, and making a positive contribution to the cause of human health. In the future, we will strive to forge ahead and strive for success.